I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

Whether you are uploading GIFs or are creating GIFs, you have the flexibility to create GIFs up to 60 seconds long with Gfycat. We previously announced this change in summer 2017.

Uploading GIF and Video files

Step 1: Prepare your GIF and Video files
Do any editing, cropping, and trimming you need to do offline using a program such as GIF Brewery. The files you want to upload can be any size. Make sure your files are 60 seconds or less in duration. …

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

It has never been easier to make GIFs from videos. Gfycat supports YouTube and Vimeo links, as well as links to videos from other sites.

Step 1
Copy the YouTube URL you want to make a GIF from and navigate to gfycat.com. Click the “Create” button in the top menu-bar.

Step 2
Paste your YouTube URL into the input box near the top left of the page.

Step 3
Choose the start time and length of your GIF.

Step 4
Add a caption if you wish. When satisfied, click the “Finish” button…

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

Use the Video-to-GIF Creator to create, edit, and add captions to animated GIFs from video files and YouTube links (or other video URLs).

GIF Maker — Video-to-GIF Creator

Step 1: Add Video File or Video Link
Choose video by entering YouTube or video URL, dragging and dropping a video file, or clicking the blue button to browse your files. There are no files size or duration limits for the videos you use. Gfycat supports .MP4, .WEBM, .MOV and many other video formats.
Tip: Videos that are 100s of MBs or greater than 1GB will take a long time to upload…

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

Use the Upload feature to upload GIFs and short videos on Gfycat so that you can share your GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, text message, email, and everywhere else.

Step 1: Select and Add Files

Choose GIF or video files to add by dragging and dropping, clicking the blue button to browse your files, or entering GIF or video URLs to add files for upload. You must be logged in order for GIFs to be saved to your account page.

Step 2: Uploading

Once you choose your files, we automatically begin…

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog along with Amanda Lorei.

Gmail: the tab that’s always open. You spend so much time reading and drafting emails, so why not make the experience a little more fun? Try adding GIFs to Gmail.

Getting Started

Whether you are on your personal account or business account, when you’re using Gmail chances are you are working on something important. That means you’re probably busy — but it can’t hurt to inject a little fun. Gfycat is here to help you lighten the mood a little in your email replies.

Install Gfycat for Gmail here

The Gfycat…

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

Whether your site or blog uses WordPress.org, WordPress.com, or WordPress.com VIP, the solution for inserting GIFs on WordPress for your articles and posts is seamless.

As of March 2018, WordPress powers 30% of all the websites on the internet. Based on the total number of sites currently on the web, a staggering number have deployed WordPress.

WordPress powers sites such as BBC America, TechCrunch, Variety, The White House, the Houston Zoo, and even the Gfycat Blog.


If your site is powered by WordPress.org, your WordPress interface likely looks like this.

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog and the Mattermost Blog along with Amanda Lorei.

Gfycat is excited to announce our new integration with Mattermost that brings GIFs to workplace communication.

Gfycat makes the Mattermost communication experience fun, visual and on-trend. Who says work communication has to be dull?

We get it: Sometimes workplace messaging can be fraught. After all, we read our coworkers’ tone and body language when we speak with them in person. Over a messaging platform, however, we often have to guess tone, which can lead to miscommunications.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be like that.

GIFs add a human touch to static online conversations. They convey a huge…

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

Chances are you’ve used Skype before. But did you know that you can now send GIFs in your one-to-one or group Skype conversations?

4 Easy Steps to Send GIFs in Skype

Step 1: Open Skype on desktop or mobile to the conversation you want

Step 2: Click the + button to open the add-ons menu

On mobile, the + button is on the left.

On desktop, the + button is on the right.

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

If you’re trying to spice up your Medium blog posts with timely and relevant GIFs, you can do that in just a couple clicks.

Step 1: Have the GIF URL from Gfycat handy for the GIF or GIFs you want to insert into your post. The correct URLs from Gfycat will look either like “https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/JovialOrnateAppaloosa” or “https://gfycat.com/JovialOrnateAppaloosa” to work properly on Medium.

Step 2: Go to your Medium draft

Step 3: Paste the Gfycat URL and hit Enter. Medium will do the work in a couple of seconds and display the embedded GIF.

Step 4: Finish your Medium blog post and publish!

I wrote this for the Gfycat Blog.

We’ll run through the steps to teach you how to share animated GIFs in Slack using Gfycat. It’s free and easy!

10 Easy Steps to Sends GIFs in Slack

Step 1: Sign into your Slack team. Go to https://slack.com/signin or your team’s workspace URL in any web browser.

Step 2: Navigate to https://slack.com/apps/A2HQJKHPW-gfycat. This opens the Gfycat page in the Slack App Directory.

Step 3: Click “Visit Site to Install.” It’s the green button in the left column. This will take you to https://gfycat.com/slack.

Step 4: Click “Add to Slack.” This will take you to an authorization page.

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