Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

Good read. The only issue I have is that you’d pointed out that Anakin “bringing balance to the force” was untrue. In my mind, he did, in fact, bring balance to the force. He was lured to the dark side and eventually saw the err of his ways in dying. If you consider the original trilogy alone, Luke seemed conflicted. He was tempted by the dark side. I’d say that Luke is the most neutral among the force sensitive characters. He falls between the light and dark side. In RoTJ, you see that Luke is dressed in black, much like Anakin in RoTS. It alludes to him being drawn to the dark side. Anakin brought balance to the force in my mind by destroying the Jedi, who ardently adhered to the light, and then by finally killing the last of the Sith, the Emperor, as he shocked Luke. I always thought that was a brilliant end to the trilogy, because, after the prophecy is introduced in the prequils, Anakin does in fact destroy the Jedi and the Sith, leaving only Luke. Just my two cents.

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