How to find the 10 best Augmented Reality (AR) app development companies in the world

Coming up with the ultimate solution to position and utilize your business when the technology of the future(that is AR) comes into talking is a difficult proposition.

The skill set that we need is comparatively a difficult thing, and the mobile developers that can perform it might already have started getting offers from other companies. All this heads up to an extremely difficult responsibility for us and that would be finding up the new talent to take your AR developing business to unimaginable heights.

So here we are to your rescue, presenting to you after all the researchers, to find out the top AR application development companies across the globe.

But, to all the beginners out there who are not much aware of the power of the evolving technology, here’s a quick briefing on the topic.

What is AR?

According to Tim Cook, Augmented Reality technology can” help people in daily life” and is ready to take over the future in the coming years.Augmented Reality is gaining popularity at a great pace.

The AR market is expected to expand around $90 billion by the next decade. After the success of the gaming app Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality has become a mainstream thing. Around 20 million active users daily, this groundbreaking app has been more than 100 million hits till date. Thus, Augmented Reality is expected to grow by 37% and the revenue is expected to reach $100 billion by 2020.

But, if you think Augmented Reality is only for the gaming apps, you probably are mistaken. Many businesses these days right from the startups to those big multinational companies have started embracing the power of Augmented Reality into streamline efficiency, thus improve the customer satisfaction ratio and also helps the workforce to set up a priority and have a faster execution of tasks, in short, to increase the account credibility.

However, businesses as such have just scratched the surface.Plenty of opportunities are yet to be discovered. However, the industry is yet to grow big as only a handful of companies can develop an Augmented Reality app.

Following is the list of the top ten Augmented Reality App Development Companies that can handle the task of developing an Augmented Reality app to picture.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps across the Globe.

(1) Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Service one of the youngest AR application development company to enter in the list.The foundation stones of the firm were laid in the year 2011. Till datermitted has successfully completed more than 250 applications across various platform such as Android and iOS; and varios technologies such as AR . Also, it is unbeatable with the AR and VR application development, serving its customers with its satisfactory services since then.

Creative conceptualization of apps is its uniqueness and that is what is making it one of a kind., So, if you want your application to be out of the box at e=affordable prices, then Auxano Global Services is your ultimate destination.

Expertise: Mobile application development, AR, VR, AI wearable technologies, iBeacon technology, IoT

Founded: 2011

Headquarters:(India, USA ,Canada & UAE)

(2) R-Style Lab:

If you are aiming for Full-Cycle mobile AR development, R Style Lab hs to be your destination. The firm was founded in 2006, which shows that the company has spent a long time in the IT business, and has the experience of a wide range of platforms and project sizes.

Their specialty is that their ability to scale the projects that they are building up, hence, they can either come up with a 3-people team or may even give you 120, or might be something between the two. They also have an R & D section, that helps you make your AR products the best that it can ever be.

Founded: 2006

What Customers Say:”The most important point is that R-Style Lab can deliver on their promises, and are a hardworking team.” CEO, Consumer Electronics Firm

(3) Current

Having the focus mainly on beautiful digital media production software, for the AR and the Mobile games, Current has been creating quite a buzz in the sector these days.

They represent the modern, connected experience we all share, all the time, and they do this by seamlessly delivering integrations of traditional media and modern digital ideas. Coming up with a fusion of traditional and futuristic thinking can help you create out of the box opportunities for anyone planning to work up with them.

Key Clients: Dell, Conair, Disney

(4) AR and Co:

Being the largest AR app developer in Asia, AR and Co have come up as the best across the Asian and the Eastern markets, with their clients reaching as far as Singapore, Nigeria, and Hong Kong.

Further, as AR specialists they have developed a number of patented technologies in the field, including their own AR engine and a software ecosystem developed around it. In addition to that, they are constantly pushing themselves with new in-house projects such as AR glasses, to help keep them sharp and at the forefront of AR technology.

Founded: 2009

Key Clients: Disney, Hasbro, Nissan

(5) Varscene

Well, are you looking for some serious round the table work in VR as well as AR, then look no further because Varscene is there for you. Not only do they specialize in developing for mixed reality, but they also develop for it.

This targeted approach has served them incredibly well as it has allowed them to focus on innovation in a way very few developers can. According to Varscene, hiring a highly skilled team and generating such an atmosphere for them that keeps them focused can help you get the best of there work and hence lead to ultimate satisfaction.

(6) Vakoms:

Vakoms’ have a wide area of work that includes 3D modeling, 360 degree panoramic imaging, 3D visualization and much more. Also, the company is also into the virtual and artificial app development and hence they prove mixed reality app development services. It also holds a specialization in computer stimulation.

Headquarters:(UK & Ukraine)

Expertise: AR & VR app development company, UI & UX design development, IoT development & Mobile app development


iMOBDEV develops the augmented reality apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Its array for the AR solutions apps includes Business AR app development, code writing along with advanced programming, UI/UX designs for the user interaction, also the 2D and 3D game developments, the cross-platform application developments.

Headquarters:(India, USA & UAE)

Expertise:AR & VR app reality development, Mobile app development, UI & UX designer, Video production company, CMS & eCommerce website development

(8) Metavision:

As the name suggests, Metavision holds a great vision in developing Augmented Reality Experiences which can be experienced with the help of glasses.So far, the company has portrayed its skills in images, 3D models, visuals etc for a wide range of audiences. Not only that, more than 1000 companies are using its services for Augmented Reality app building.

Headquarters: (UK & India)

Expertise: Virtual reality development company, Augmented reality app development

(9) Kagiso Interactive:

Kagiso Interactive is an augmented reality app builder with in-depth understanding of the technology for the marketeers, education sector, record keeping and also various other industrial functions.

Headquarters: USA, South Africa & India

Expertise: AR & Virtual reality development, Chatbots app develop, mobile app develop, Artificial intelligence

(10) Scope-AR

Comes up with a very catchy and attractive tagline which says-”Get you AR app developed within minutes”, has come up as a leading AR development company. Scope AR was established in 2011.The company developing augmented reality apps that empower employees, technicians and also the engineers to amplify the performance.

Headquarters: Canada & USA

Expertise: Virtual reality app development company, iPhone & Android app development