Mr. Dukes, I would like to thank you for your response.

Kristen (if I may), your reply is as expected… thoughtful and sincere, and I truly hope you are more encouraged to raise your voice, and to challenge others who have yet to acknowledge and understand how historically, and socially codified racial privilege impacts their views. The hard part is overcoming the natural defensiveness associated with hearing, “You are a racist, bigot…”, when what was accurately spoken was, “White privilege is perhaps the most powerful, unearned asset in America, and much of the Eurocentric world. Individually, most of us are likely oblivious of its presence until placed in the rare environment in which it does not exist. It is not defined solely by individual possession of financial wealth, or power, but by the unspoken expectation of access to, or application of both to one’s benefit, rather than the expectation of such, only by luck or largesse.” Sadly, that does not a good acronym or bumper sticker make… and as proven by an America which elected Trump, this is an acronymic (my word), rather than academic, period in America.

So please know, this Black man sees your humanity, and more, your act supported intentions to share it. I am not alone, and despite the likelihood you and others like you, will occasionally find negative response to positive intention, most often, that negativity is transference of anger at the deserving but absent, to the undeserving but present. Jesus paid not for his sins… but those of others. As was in the beginning… is now… and ever shall be… but for our willingness to sacrifice for generations unborn. Trump has an expiration date…