A Surprising Thing in our Lifetime: A Eulogy for the Pals Family
Brett Rayl

For nearly three decades, God has allowed me to serve the students at Northwestern in Roseville, MN. Many have taken classes, some have traveled overseas to experience God’s working among different peoples in this world, and “the chosen” have heard the call of God and bravely said, “Yes, I am willing to go Lord, wherever, whenever. I am yours.”

Jamison took some of my classes, he went overseas to visit France, Israel, Thailand, Japan… and after graduation, he continued to listen to the heart of God and responded with passion ,joy and faithful obedience.

His lovely wife, Kathryne, and their three children — Ezra, Violet, and Calvin had such potential to tell others of the Savior’s love, but…

Twenty hours after the fatal traffic accident, I received an email from WorldVenture. It was one of those moments when everything moved so slowly while I felt my heart beat and the clock on the wall ticked. No, it can’t possibly be…but God helped me to wipe away the tears and praise our Lord and Master.

This was another lesson of learning faith over again. Jamison was the sixth of my former students who God has called to presence. Steve, Curt, Vanessa, Johnny and now Jamison and his entire family…have joined the host of those who have gone before us to show us the everlasting truth of God’s love.