After over 100,000 editions created, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the end of support for the Editional app.

As of today, the Editional app will no longer be available for new installations from the app store and new creations will no longer be permitted.

Preserving Your Wallet

Editional collections are secured on the blockchain via a crypto wallet held within the Editional app. Thanks to the decentralized nature of blockchain, this wallet can be exported and moved to a new wallet manager of your choosing so that you can maintain control of your collectibles and ETH.

We encourage…

We’re excited today to announce a partnership with Nifty Gateway and OpenSea that allows Editional works to be bought with a regular credit card!

We’ve already seen some incredible sales of art created on Editional via OpenSea with ETH but we know the process isn’t always easy and requires collectors to already have crypto in their Editional wallets or to use another wallet that does have crypto in it and then to transfer the collectible back to Editional so it shows up in your collection.

No more!

Here’s How it Works

Making it easier to trade your collectibles with Editional

Today we’re introducing native trading to Editional, which lets you propose, accept, and decline trustworthy collectible trades right inside the app!

In fact, trading was already happening ad-hoc, where we’ve seen collectors proposing trades in chat, then sending collectibles to each other. We hope this new feature makes it easier for everyone to participate in trades without the obstacles!

How to make a trade

Getting started is easy! There are many entrypoints to the trade experience, but the easiest is:

  1. Open the “All Collectibles” views from your profile
  2. Click the “select” button in the upper right.
  3. Select the items you’d like to send
  4. Select your…

How we held our first raffle on Editional with redeemable NFTs

At Editional we’ve always wanted to explore the depth of the crypto-collectible / NFT medium beyond the image itself. The most common question we get asked about digital collectibles from those who are unfamiliar with blockchain is “what’s the difference between owning one of these and a screenshot?”

The native mobile experience of crypto collectibles on Editional gives us the rare opportunity to finally make redeeming NFTs easy.

The answers we tend to give include describing how collectibles can:

  • grant explicit rights to content (such as the right to resell or display)
  • provide an easy-to-use owner/creator relationship
  • grant owners access…

Making it easier to keep up with the creators and collectibles you care about the most

As more and more people make incredible, unique, ownable digital art and collectibles available on Editional (over 20,000 editions as of this post) we want to make sure it’s easy for you to keep up with the collectibles and creators you care about the most and also to make it easy to find new collectibles as well.

Today we’re launching feed filters, which allow you to focus your feed on:

  • everything
  • people you follow
  • collectibles that are still available to be claimed

How Feed Filters Work

It’s as easy as a tap to switch between filters and we’ll be adding more filters soon! …

Now it’s even easier to show off your collectibles!

Editional is already the fastest growing social network for creating, collecting, and sharing digital collectibles with over 10,000 editions that have already been made available.

Today we’re making it even easier for users to share their colletions with web galleries!

Web galleries are automatically created for every user and can be found at<user name>

A few examples from our cofounders:

You can share your gallery on social media as well for others to find you.

Editional is the best way to create NFTs on the blockchain for free

Now that over 1,000 (now over 5,000!) (wait, now over 10,000!)… LOTS of editions have been minted by Editional users (all for free!) we wanted to write a quick how-to guide for new users about getting started.

Install the Editional App

OK this part’s easy. Head on over to the app store and search for “Editional” or click the direct link from

Create, discover, and claim blockchain collectibles on your iPhone

Today we’re excited to release Editional on the iOS app store! Editional is the first mobile app that lets anyone create and discover blockchain collectibles.

A network of creators and collectors

Editional lets you create new collectibles as easily as you create any other kind of content: with your phone’s camera or photo album. The twist is that, since these are ownable items, you get to set how many editions of your collectible will be made avaiable to other Editional users. The default is 5, but it can be as many as 99 or as few as 2.

Once created, your followers are notified and if…

And other awesome updates in v1.2.1…

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Simplex to process Ethereum purchases on Vault!

Now, with just a few clicks, anyone can buy ETH and start using DApps in minutes right from inside the Vault app!

When we talk about dApps and NFT adoption, we spend a lot of time lamenting the barriers. At Vault, we began breaking down these roadblocks with our first release by making DApps just a click away on your mobile device, and by giving away collectibles so everyone could start to get a feel for the power of blockchain assets and utilities.

While we’re…

It’s easier than ever to start collecting digital assets. Here’s how to get started…

At Vault, we’re all about getting people up and running on the blockchain with collectibles. That’s why we’re giving away a free collectible to new users and that’s why Vault is focused on showing off your amazing items instead of just letting you trade coins.

But you’re new, you just heard about this crypto thing, maybe you’ve heard some phrases like ERC-721, collectible, or digital asset?

So what the heck is a crypto collectible?

A collectible on the blockchain is also known as a Non-Fungible Token, which means unlike a dollar bill or a…

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