Palestine and Israel. It’s All About The Land.

Daily life for the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.

The Israeli and Palestinian conflict, the third rail of politics. I am a proud Jew, who lost relatives in the death camps. I was taught and I believe, that Jews of all people should be intolerant of and rail against, injustice and oppression. But as Trump ally Bibi Netanyahu said and I quote.

It doesn’t matter if justice is on your side. You have to depict your position as just.”

Recently in a discussion someone regurgitated the really offensive rhetoric, “so called” Palestinians and, “there is no such thing as a Palestinian.” Whatever one thinks about the conflict, it’s both unconscionable and factually incorrect for anyone to try to minimize and render invisible, millions of Palestinian people who have lived in the region for centuries. According to the “Jewish Virtual Library,” located in Israel, in 1910 the population in the region was 93% Palestinian Arab and 6% Jewish. In 1947 Palestinian Arabs made up 70% of the population and Jews made up 30%.

After WWII the British who ruled Palestine after the Ottomans, wanted to wash their hands of the whole area primarily due to Jewish terrorism and so they dumped it in the hands of the newly formed United Nations. They were battered by Zionist lobbyists in the United States and accordingly, unilaterally decided to partition Palestine 56% to the Jewish population and 44% to the Palestinians. A completely unfair decision. No one asked the Palestinians, they were not given a say and so they of course rejected it. The reality was the Jewish people who came from Europe had no direct connection to the land aside from biblical writings and WWII was not the doing of the Palestinian people. The Zionists and world powers instead of direct negotiations about the land, opted instead to unilaterally declare Israel a state triggering war and by 1949 Israel controlled 78% of historic Palestine.

In the tragedy known as the Nakba, Jewish forces drove 700,000 Palestinians from their homes at gunpoint creating a huge refugee population that exists today. They lost everything. Israel wanted a Jewish state on Palestinian land and so decided to get rid of the Palestinians. This is the core of the problem then and today.

The Nakba. Forced expulsion of Palestinian Arabs from what is now Israel.

Israel illegally occupies the West Bank and East Jerusalem. After the six-day war in 1967, Israel occupied all of Palestine and accordingly a huge Palestinian population was living as refugees or prisoners under military law on their own land, with no rights. The United Nations passed Resolution 242 which explicitly ordered the withdrawal of all Israeli armed forces from the occupied territories but Israel not only has never complied, but has expanded settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, spitting in the face of the Fourth Geneva Convention which says clearly:

An occupying power shall not deport or transfer parts of it’s own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

Israel follows their own laws. They could not care less about international law as they have proven time and time again over the years. They lie about having nuclear and chemical weapons and have refused to sign treaties forbidding their use that every other civilized nation has, attack other nations at will and send assassins to kill perceived enemies in foreign lands. They enabled the slaughter of thousands of Palestinians in the Lebanese refugee camps in Sabra and Shatila, they herd women and old men through cattle gates daily, have different laws for Jews and Arabs living in Israel and support the religious settlers illegally occupying Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel believes that a man from Oklahoma with a Jewish grandmother has more right to a Palestinian home than the family who farmed that land for a thousand years. They kill their cattle, they burn down their olive trees and throw rocks at school bound Palestinian children. They are fanatically religious, illegal occupiers in the West Bank protected by Israeli soldiers. Israel’s biggest supporters in their land grab is the Trump administration and right wing American evangelicals. That speaks volumes.

The Palestinian people have been fighting for their land, freedom and self determination for many, many years. Because of a couple of old rockets that have killed almost no one, Israel invaded Gaza using white phosphorous chemical shells to burn little children to death and F-16's, slaughtering hundreds. Now they are doing it again on the Gaza border and this April 2018 a journalist with a mic in his hand was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper. Israeli says they fear Hamas and the Palestinians. Yet, Israel has an incredibly powerful army, navy, air force and intelligence service with massive numbers of aircrafts, tanks, etc. The Palestinians have nothing.

Israel’s ongoing and unfair land grab was not in any way commensurate with the demographics in the region. Palestinians have been driven from their homes, oppressed and treated like cattle for decades. What Israel is experiencing is legitimate resistance and I for one will never set foot there until the Palestinian people are liberated; I will not give one penny to support that oppressive regime and I support BDS. I am not from there my parents were not from there my grandparents were not from there and my great great grand parents were not from there. That land belongs to the Palestinian people in addition to the Jews who live there, not to me because of a couple of genetic markers from centuries ago. Zionism is an ideology that seeks land by religious dogma and force. Israel should exist and defend herself, it’s far too late to undo what’s been done. But the Palestinian people also have the right to their land, freedom and self determination.