Trump Has Reached The Edge of the Cliff

Something has changed and it’s more than worrisome. I feel it in the air, there is real danger around the corner.

Donald Trump has gone from a laughable clown to a politically extreme racist to an increasingly unstable and irrational psychopath with the presidential power to do unimaginable damage. And he’s getting worse. Millions of Americans wake up each morning wondering what existential danger we are now in or what insanity he has tweeted.

He seems to enjoy ripping immigrant children from their parents’ arms and incarcerating them in cages and his recent vicious attacks on Maxine Waters, Don Lemon and LeBron James demonstrate that his racist hate speech is increasing in both frequency and intensity. His foreign policy, whatever it is, seems hell bent on military confrontations with North Korea and Iran, his coddling of Putin is borderline treason and he has called the media the enemy of the people, indirectly threatening their safety. The list is a long one, too long for here, detailing Trump’s many heinous intolerable words and actions that prove him to be unfit for office.

More than two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists have said that Trump’s mental state presents a clear and present danger to our nation. Trump is now 71 and he repeats himself frequently a possible sign of dementia. He’s a textbook narcissist who routinely demonstrates a lack of empathy for other human beings as well as a need for admiration and the belief that he has a superior intellect despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Most of all, he is a pathological liar who cannot admit to being wrong. Ever.

Every day he appears more and more unhinged and childlike with no inclination to practice any self-control whatsoever and a spineless, cowardly GOP controlled congress who have completely abdicated their checks and balances role in our system of government. He listens to no one, except the most deranged, fringe conspiracy freaks and the voices in his head.

As Mueller inexorably continues working, Trump has taken on the persona of a caged, severely wounded animal to whom survival is the only objective.

We should all be very afraid of what this paranoid lunatic might do.