Even the Beatles Had Haters

When you create, some people are going to hate what you’ve made.

It could be a painting, an iPhone app, a story, or a wood carving of a machete-wielding gecko riding a cactus. (I need someone to make this for me, by the way.)

Someone, somewhere will tell you it’s awful.

Sometimes the hate might be legitimate because what you made just isn’t very good. That’s the deal with making new things. Not everything can be good.

Head back to the lab or shed or bathroom or wherever it is you do your best creative work and get back at it.

Sometimes the hate is just noise. There’s never going to be a situation where everyone likes what you created.

Even The Beatles had haters. Check out this collection of newspaper clippings from when they first broke on the scene. Some of the reaction was brutal.

So there’s only one thing to do. Keep on creating. Don’t stop.

There will always be those who criticize what you make, but all you can do is shake it off— as the preeminent songwriting luminary of our time, Taylor Swift, once said.

How has criticism helped you hone your craft? Let’s discuss!

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