MapAnything: The Founders’ Journey

From the ashes of the financial crisis to massive achievement in the Salesforce ecosystem

Back in 2015, Will Szczerbiak came into my office and told me about an interesting company down in Charlotte, NC called MapAnything. The company is a SaaS business in the Salesforce ecosystem that makes data come alive in a mapping interface that makes sales teams’ lives better and improves efficiency. I was incredibly impressed, but not about that… it was all about the Founders..

John Stewart has one of the more unique stories as a founder. His last start-up fell victim to the 2008 financial crisis when his largest customer went bankrupt and he was forced to sell his business in a tough situation after years of toil. So at 33, with 3 kids and a lovely wife (now 5 children) he was forced to start all over again from nothing. This experience would crush most people. John on the other hand took the lessons and got back to work building his next company. He called up his old colleague, Ben Brantly and the two founded what would become MapAnything. Ben is a total stud also. He spends most board meetings coding and working with his team…

Ben Brantly & John Stewart Co-Founders of MapAnything and myself (little guy in the middle)

It makes the announcement that Salesforce is acquiring the company all the sweeter….

A couple of additional notes:

MapAnything is the second company that Salesforce has acquired from Greycroft. Salesforce has done the right thing at every turn. Marc Benioff has built an incredible company and it shows in the caliber of people at the company and the way they conduct themselves.

There are two Founders that Greycroft has been lucky enough back and work with on their own companies on the board of MapAnything. The first one, Michael Lazerow, actually sold his last company to Salesforce and it’s great to have someone like Mike involved who has tasted his own success and still devotes himself to helping other Founders. The same is true for Andrew Leto who similarly has had significant success to date and is the Founder of Emerge. Andrew invested in the last round and joined the board. It’s pretty unique to have a confluence of Founders in our portfolio working together and helping each other build incredible companies.