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Were we not watching the same debate?

Trump once again proved himself:

a) Dimwitted. “Sneak attacking” ISIS — wow, what an intelligence breakthrough! No one had thought of that strategy before last night! Thanks Donald. The worst part is that those comments were said with real earnestness — only amplified how pathetic they were :(

b) Undisciplined and unfit character-wise to have any meaningful leadership role. There are clearly countless examples — but continued unwillingness to apologize for the Machado tweet stood out to me

c) And potentially dangerous. Taking lines straight from the Kim Jong-un playbook. Those Trump comments about investigating Hillary were flat out third-world dictatorial rhetoric.

There are zero redeeming characteristics to point to with this blubbering buffoon — all of this coming from a staunch Romney supporter and someone who has voted Republican the last two elections. I am voting Hillary as should anyone with a brain, and I cannot wait for this Trump train wreck to be done with once and for all.

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