The Wizard of America

Well, the frontman Trump is an undisputed amoral buffoon … however, he is the leader in name only. The biggest problem in America is the machine behind him pulling the levers. That scares me more than the buffoon. They are intelligent people with ulterior motives that are intent on preserving the wealth and influence they have acquired over the last 200+ years.

Despite the blue ripple of the Mid-term election ( I can’t call it a wave), American democracy is seriously under threat by the proponents, and their followers, of segregation. All legally enforced public segregation (segregation de jure) was…

I had a left hemisphere ischemic stroke just over 3 years ago. I still had, seemingly, full cognitive function, but I had lost speech and my right side.

I was lying in hospital contemplating my fate when I remembered an article that I had read a few months before about brain plasticity when my sister had a similar stroke!

I then discovered I could not read either. I could recognise letters but what they were saying was beyond me. However, starting with “Exit” sign over the door, I began to make out words and after a week I could “read”…

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

I’m a Brit but I have lived and worked in the USA for nearly 30 years but I had a vacation home in the UK next to my wife’s sister which we visited at least once a year. Three years ago my sister-in-law suffered a stroke but my wife was unable to visit her as she, herself, was recovering from surgery.

So I decided to visit her and help her daughter who was having to cope with her husband working overseas and I had time because I was retired.

I didn’t know anything about strokes and their treatment so I…

Once upon a time …

John Oakley

Experienced, cynical, optimistic, geek, visionary. Hoping the first two don't get in the way of the rest.

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