A List of Walk in Freezer & Cooler Parts That You Would Need For Installation

If you wish to purchase Walk In freezer & cooler parts for an installation, this is the checklist you must follow:

1. Door hardware set which includes closers, handles and hinges:
These are one of the most crucial parts that you would need to have in place before the installation process starts. You need check for self-closing hinges, tumbler locks and spring loaded hinges.

2. Digital thermometer:
This would be ideally mounted on the panel. Check if the metal is right and is well furnished with safe tubing and bulb.

3. Gaskets including sweeps and thresholds: 
These should always be picked after you have verified their certification and other standards. The length and the material with which they are made also play significant roles.

4. Heater wires: 
There are all kinds of heater wires available today. So, you have a good range of options to choose from. It is recommended that you talk to an experienced and knowledgeable person who can guide you whether you need self regulating wires or old style trims.

5. Lights:
These would come along with light switches. The appropriate fixtures, globes and features like vapor-proofness should all be considered when buying light sets for the walk-in freezer or cooler assembly.

6. Panel parts: Rain roofs and Screed:
Rain roofs help prevent water damage to the freezer. These, along with advanced drip caps for the door are important for the durability and performance of the freezer. Screeds, on the other hand, help secure the base of the cooler to the floor.

7. Expansion valves: 
Buy these with selective thermostatic charges and ensure that they have a strong welded element construction which is leak proof and easy to clean.

8. Filter driers: 
These should not be bought without proper guidance as you may not be well versed with the qualities that you need to look for.

9. Pressure control, solenoid valves and coils: 
Buy these after matching them with the requisite adjustable differential, pressure connection and fan cycling range.

10. Defrost timers: 
These protect the freezer from short cycling and drop in voltage. Pick the ones that have LED indicators that can tell you easily about the cycles of defrosting and refrigeration.

11. Shelving: 
You can choose from all sorts of shelving units. Most of them would be wire shelves with added strength and also for the easy circulation of air.

12. Ventilation units: 
These allow ideal air flow and offer protection from structural damage.

13. Silicone Caulk and Strip curtains: 
These include drip caps, non-skid strips for the flooring, glow-in-the-dark signs and rain roofs.

Author’s bio: The author is an avid blogger. This article describes the most important walk in freezer & cooler parts. 
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