First an Update: Blockchain in the GTA

Since my post in March, I have fully immersed myself in the blockchain world and it has been both fun and frustrating at times, but mostly fun. The blockchain scene in the Greater Toronto Area is incredibly active, with numerous meetups and conferences happening all the time. I feel fortunate to live so close to it all.

In March and April I attended a bunch of meetups, mostly from a blockchain learning initiative from York University called The BlockchainHub (, which hosts on a regular basis, a slew of meetups on blockchain awareness and introductory classes, I believe as a…


Up until now, like many people, I have tried to ignore cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. However, near the end of last year my son told me he bought some Bitcoins (near its all time high), all $30 worth! He wanted to start small to get his feet wet. I remember telling him to be careful and learn more before risking more money. A couple of weeks later Bitcoin dropped over 50% and he had his first lesson in the effects of a speculative bubble. Bitcoin prices have come back up somewhat, but he still lost a few dollars, and I’m…

Lately, I’ve started to poke my head in some meetups that focus on entrepreneurship and startups. I want to get a sense of what other people are doing — great motivators and urgent reminders for me to get moving. It’s both amazing and humbling to see how young these founders are and the innovative solutions they are providing.

But I do notice one thing: everyone is a CEO. It doesn’t matter how big the company is, the main guy slaps on the title of CEO. When I see the title CEO, which traditionally has stood for Chief Executive Office, my…

Here We Go Again

It was approximately a year ago that I said the then previous reboot attempt at writing was a failure and tried again to reboot my writing. What a miserable fail that was again! But I’m not giving up — let’s try this again.

This year, there’s more reason for me write more. I’ll explain as I lead up to it with a recap of my different passions in the past year.

Real Estate

Early in 2017, real estate continued its extremely hot streak that had been happening for over a decade. The pitch was outright feverish, with rampant multiple offers, bidding wars…

John Tran

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