Birthday thoughts about the deaths of black men and women at the hands of police
Eric Olsen

This is f-inkg wonderful, though I can hardly breathe and tears are forcing their way out of my eyes and I’m not sure I can watch the video right now, but I will. Thank you. This has been weighing on me as well for some time, and I relate to your wanting to DO something. Anything. Here in the South it’s painful because I know from nearly 70 years of personal experience how deep the racism is. And how oblivious to their privilege we white people are. I will share this and try to do more. Thank you.

…an idea: I have a poster that says BUSH LIED THEY DIED that is composed entirely of the names of people — Americans - who died in Iraq. Maybe someone could make such a poster of these names and/or faces. Maybe Adbusters or someone could do something with it like make it 40 ft. high and put it in Times Square….?

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