Because relaxing is overrated…

Last Spring Break, my wife and I got married. This Spring Break, we nabbed a cheap flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and spent a week on the Malay Peninsula.

We didn’t make many plans beforehand, opting instead to figure it out (for the most part) on the fly. Between navigating foreign cities, adjusting to and from a 12-hour time differential, and frantically ensuring we got to see everything in the guidebook, our trip wasn’t heavy on relaxation. It was, however, chock-full of priceless memories.

The following videos are vlogs of our week of adventures, and I think they’ll show you why the week was so special. And from them, I hope it will inspire your next adventure!

Because Mastercard has got it right, you know?

Two round-trip flights to Malaysia (via $1000

One night at at Airbnb home with an infinity pool overlooking Kuala Lumpur: $26

One cup of freshly-squeezed orange juice from a self-service machine: $2

Renting a tandem bike made exclusively for people under 5 feet, 8 inches: $4

Making sweet memories with your best friend: Priceless