The National Divorce
Aaron Loeb

Aaron. Really enjoyed your article, despite deep disagreement with the content. You have lots of responses. Maybe you don’t need another. But thought I would throw out a few points.

  1. The left constantly compares Trump to Hitler and the Nazis, and claim to be afraid of him and his government. Listen… the Jews actually were deathly afraid of Hitler. Imagine Jews disrupting Hitler’s inauguration with a violent riot. Have a hard time imagining that? Yes, me too. People on the left do things all the time that people truly afraid of Trump would never do. So the “fear” claim is just not believable.
  2. Your whole article and virtually everything coming from the left is filled with so much hyperbole that it lacks credibility. You write: “You elected a guy who has pledged to stomp on the religious liberty of our friends and neighbors.” That’s hyperbole. It has no link to reality. Sure, Trump campaigned that he would stop muslims coming to America until “we know what is going on.” He is not a precise speaker. All the same, stopping visitors, new immigrants, and refugees has NOTHING to do with removing the religious liberty of Americans. They are unrelated. Any American practicing the muslim religion in America before Trump… would end up practicing their religion in the exact same way after Trump’s election. Aaron, you have collected talking point and after talking point. You grab a verbal tidbit, twist it into something unrelated, and then use it as a hammer to beat on Trump. It is hard for Trump supporters to take the hyperbole seriously.
  3. You hammer on “business conflict” talking points with no substance beyond the vaguest, unsubstantiated, generalities. There is no honest discussion. Conservatives don’t think successful business owners should be exempt from being President. Trump could seriously abuse his power in a business conflict, but conservatives don’t believe that is a big worrying point, because if anything his business has declined from being President, not grown. If something significant comes up, let’s litigate. Otherwise it is a non issue.
  4. Same problem with the supposed “rape” of Ivana. She clarified her statement to say she felt violated, and not raped in the literal or criminal sense. But the left had their talking point and they wouldn’t let it go. In 2017, does Ivana say Donald Trump raped her? No. But Juanita Broderrick still claims Bill Clinton raped her. Trump is no choir boy, except in comparison to Bill Clinton. But there is no real discussion here, just talking points blasted over and over again.
  5. There is YUGE double standard in so much of what you write. Obama and Hillary boasted about a Russian reset in 2008. Obama laughed at Romney in 2012 for saying the Russians were one of the biggest threats to America. But when Trump tries his own Russia reset, the left loses their mind. Could Trump mess things up with respect to Russia? Sure. The same way Obama and Clinton mishandled the file. But he hasn’t yet. Conservatives are willing to see how the Russian file plays out.
  6. The Trump invectives from the left are old hat. Apparently Trump is a racist, sexist, bigoted, islamophobic, misognystic, tax-dodging creep. Yes, we know. So was Mitt Romney. Same charges against John McCain. Same charges against George Bush, etc., etc. Reid hammered Romney on not filing or paying taxes unmercifully. Romney had filed and paid his taxes which Reid very well knew. When called on it Reid said: “Romney didn’t win, did he?” The left would have made the same charges they make against Trump against any GOP candidate, so it is hard to take them seriously.
  7. The hypocrisy is real. The Dems made a great deal of stink about the GOP saying in 2008 they hoped Obama failed. They don’t have any problem saying 100x louder they hope Trump fails. Clinton made a great point of feigned shock that Trump wouldn’t recognize the results of the election. The Dems took that 100x further in not accepting the results of this election. Dems told us how crucial a 9th SC judge was to the country, but will pull out all the stops to make sure a 9th one is not named for the next 4 years. To a conservative, it looks like the Dems have no principle above winning and governing.
  8. You seem to think you have the 2018 election sewn up. Are you sure? Do you really think a 90-day temper tantrum, violent destructive protests at the inauguration, civil disobedience in refusing to comply with immigration law, black lives matter terrorism, and smearing distinguished cabinet candidates is playing well in the heartland? Too far away to predict, but if the left keeps up their gong show, the 2018 election will look an awful lot like the 1972 election.