Poor thing…..


Is this your idea of a complex narrative:

“The amazing thing about the climate we presently inhabit — is how much we flock to anyone who boasts enough followers to make your goosebumps rise above your scattered hairs.”

I am a little uneasy pointing out the ridiculous sophistry of a sentence construction like this one, because I don’t want to be a rain cloud in Ezinne’s writing life. She clearly has a passion for writing and a drive to express herself.

It would be easy to go all school marmish and point out the 5 glaring problems with that sentence, but I don’t want to pile on. I have no problem with Ezinne’s prodigious output, although time spent editing and polishing would serve her well. And while I don’t share her political convictions, I do admire her passion for self-expression.

But Ezinne describing Tomi as someone who “spews out words that are badly constructed” is like Danny Devito giving Usain Bolt tips on proper running form.

My suggestion to Ezinne is that she carve out criticism of other people’s sentence construction from her repertoire, if she wants to limit the number of people who point out that her writing style is equivalent to a remedial high school sophomore pulling a D in English Composition.

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