Intolerant Liberals
Tucker FitzGerald

What a load of crap! This election has certainly been an eye-opening experience in how far gone the alt-left radicals have gone in their navel gazing self-absorption. Can’t comment on all the manure in this article, but I will say that the very idea of the “resistance” is completely wrong and inverted.

Trump and conservatives are the real resistance. The alt-left has been driving the public agenda for decades now, unconcerned with anything except their own preoccupations. Now they are furious that democracy has intervened to put a small pause in their march to total fascist progressive victory and control.

The heartland has had a cold bucket of water thrown on their head as a wake up call to the powerful anti-democratic impulses of the radical left. They don’t give a crap about America, its history, its values, or its principles. They only care about imposing their twisted values on the country and will crush anyone or anything who resists them.

I see that Trump jumped to 53% approval rating today in the daily Rasmussen poll (which was the most accurate poll in the recent election). Combine that with the fact that Joy Villa gave Beyonce a beat down in album sales post Grammys, tells you all you need to know about the way this conflict is shaping up.

Since the radical left controls the mainstream media, the pedophile-loving Hollywood celebrities, the Wall Street elites, and the deep state bureaucrats… toxic anti-Trump propaganda flows non-stop 24/7. But Americans aren’t buying it. They knew that the swamp creatures weren’t going to sit back and let the swamp be drained easily. They expected some blow back. But be assured it will be drained!

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