The Perfect Specimen

Devdutt Pattnaik in his interpretation Ramayana describes Dharma as

Human potential, not righteous conduct: the best of what we can do in continuously changing social contexts, with no guarantees or certainties, as we are being constantly and differently judged by the subject, the object and innumerable witnesses.

My current reading library consists only of books which I believe would help me understand people better. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about deep, nirvana sort of understanding. I am talking about a shallow understanding of the face value or the probable facade people present to the outside world.

These are the books I am currently juggling:

  1. Thinking fast and slow [Daniel Kahneman]
  2. Never split the difference [Chris Voss]
  3. Improve your social skills [Daniel Wendler]
  4. What every body is saying [Joe Navarro]
  5. Understanding Psychology [Robert Feldman]

The articulation of the 2 sections above raised a question.

What would it take for an individual to be at their very best in the societal context? In other words a superficially perfect being on face value.

I mean the individual can be a heavily depressed, confused, insecure etc. They can have a lot of flaws, but their perception by the society is that of a perfect person. As long as they don’t project their inner qualms to the outside world.

I believe if a person were to work/gain these skills they can be the best representation of them to the outer world

  1. Aesthetically Fit Body
  2. Dressing Sense
  3. Conversational Flow
  4. Empathise or fake it fairly well
  5. Brilliant at their job
  6. Listening ear
  7. Being spontaneous and funny
  8. Reading and Projecting via Body Language
  9. Courage
  10. Their own independent life
  11. Decent negotiation capabilities

This is a non-exhaustive list. I tried to use words and features which can be easily converted to action items and improved upon. There are a lot of things which are by products and ingredients required to achieve things in the list above. Example would be confidence; self-confidence is an ingredient to a lot of action items above simultaneously being a by product of fit body and dressing sense. Developing decent negotiating capabilities also would involve a lot of the items from the list being used in a balanced blend.

The idea is to be the perfect representation of yourselves you can be to outside world. I am going to call it “Perfect Specimen” because it sounds cool. This is my opinion of what would constitute a “Perfect Specimen”.

This might be not healthy for your mental wellbeing at all.