Turns out exploitation is frowned upon

I made an image hosting web-app — Photu (similar to imgur).

App: https://photu-app.github.io/

Code: https://github.com/photu-app/photu-app.github.io

(Update: The app doesn’t work anymore, since Github removed support for Anonymous gists)

Like imgur it (Photu) can host as many images you want to upload and it will never purge any of the images. For all practical purposes it can host an infinite number of images.

But unlike imgur I did not pay for servers or any kind of storage, nor will I ever have to. It is just a static site hosted on github. Also there is a high chance the upper limit of the number of hosted images on Photu surpasses imgur’s.

The Punch Line (or so I thought)

I convert all uploaded images to a Base64 Encoding and store them as anonymous Github Gists. Use the gist ids to generate unique URLs to the images, which can be revisited using the app.

The backlash (the real punch line)

I enthusiastically shared this across different social mediums (Reddit, Discord, Slack groups, Twitter etc), thinking people might get a laugh of of it.

One thing y’all need to know about me is that I am always wrong.

Most people thought I was exploiting the good-hearted people at Github.com and exploiting their free service to host images and called me a douche. It doesn’t help that it would be extremely difficult or close to impossible for Github to stop me from doing this. (Unless they remove product features).

k bye.