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At long last, the day for which we have been anxiously refreshing our Twitter feeds has arrived, and the proposed legislation for implementing the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation was released this morning (I wrote about it when it was initially announced here).

Initial Thoughts

I want to begin by saying I applaud the work of the drafting team. This is tough work in the best of circumstances, and they were doing it in a highly suspicious, volatile climate on a short timetable knowing full well that every level of the church would be closely scrutinizing it. …

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the news about the amicable separation agreement that has been proposed for consideration at General Conference 2020 that would create a pathway for “amicable separation”. If you haven’t already, check out the press release, protocol statement, and FAQs at those respective links.

I want to be clear at the outset that a lot is still unknown at this point — this protocol just dropped yesterday, and to a large degree there’s a race against the clock to get it in front of General Conference 2020. With that in mind, hopefully…

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I had debated whether or not to do a writeup of the recent Judicial Council decisions in the wake of #GC2019 because truth be told, there’s not a whole lot that’s surprising for… the kinds of people who get sunburned while spending their Saturdays reading Judicial Council decisions poolside (is that just me? Ok.) The people have spoken, though, and so I give you my synopsis of Judicial Council Decisions 1378 and 1379.

Putting Some Things in Context

Before getting into the weeds on these decisions, there are a couple of things I’d like to put in context.

First, as always, this is my humble…

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Well, it’s over. Adjourning a few minutes after 6:30pm, General Conference 2019 is in the books. By way of prologue, I’ve debated how to approach this post because there’s simply a lot we don’t know at this point. But like a good Methodist that’s not going to stop me, so I’ll do my best here. I’m going to assume you’ve read my original writeup, and if you haven’t I’d encourage you to do so since a lot of this is not going to make sense if you haven’t either read it or been following General Conference closely.

I’ll note from…

Note: to keep things simple, I did a separate post-General Conference writeup here. I’ll be updating that post, not this one, going forward.

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As United Methodist clergy, and especially as conference staff, I’ve received a number of questions about the Special Session of the United Methodist General Conference. My hope is to provide some fact-based answers about where we are in the proceedings, and where things go from here.

Two quick disclaimers: this is accurate as of 10pm or so on Monday, February 25, 2019. There’s still a day of conference left, so if you’re reading it after that time…

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United Methodist clergy. Seminary student. Train traveler.

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