What you’re revealing to your ISP, why a VPN isn’t enough, and ways to avoid leaking it
Benjamin Hutchins

I believe your article is more than ‘reactive’; I feel it’s a reminder of ‘best practices’ for anyone who cares about their privacy, regardless of any governmental administration. Once clothes dryers were invented we stopped hanging our laundry on a rope strung between two trees.

At home, I want to keep my internal network separate from the mandatory router/modem provided by my ISP, and to that end I intend to place another router in front of theirs with a PIA VPN installed, so that any outgoing internet traffic must first pass through my router. If I understand you correctly, they won’t know what device is communicating with which site, nor the content being exchanged so long as both nodes are using encryption.

Would you have any recommendations for a powerful (flexibility and features — mostly used for video streaming, gaming, and the web) yet moderately priced modem that I can use and administer with my Windows system?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for your timely and comprehensive article.

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