Electors Have a Chance for Heroism Not Seen Since United Flight 93

On September 11, 2001, a random group of Americans saw and understood that a terrible disaster about to happen. They could sit by passively and let it happen, or they could sacrifice their lives to change history. They chose sacrifice and, in the process, became true American heroes who have the gratitude of generations. They will always be respected and revered for the tremendous sacrifice they made that saved so many lives. They made sure United Flight 73 ended up in a field in Pennsylvania rather than in the densely populated seat of our government in Washington, D.C. Who among us is not moved by their act? Who among us is not grateful?

People are sometimes faced with a choice to seize the moment and step up as heroes. Everything about daily life pushes us away from taking risks. We all want to preserve normalcy and keep life going on an even keel. But we now find ourselves needing heroes. We need them badly and they have very little time to make up their minds to act. They have the pressure of centuries of history and precedent telling them not to act.

I think it is clear to the overwhelming majority of American voters that Donald Trump represents a grave danger to our democracy and global stability. Less than 25% of eligible voters voted to put this man in office. They made a terrible mistake that has grave potential consequences. After centuries of progress under Presidents of both parties, we stand on the precipice of a great chasm into which we risk a terrible fall. Trump lacks the temperament to be a leader of the United States. He lacks the knowledge, the experience, the intelligence and the depth. He has not done his homework and proudly boasts that he doesn’t need to. He maintains conflicts of interest and breaches ethics and the law in involving family members in State business. He is rash, careless and boastful. He panders to hate groups and puts millions of us at risk for increased hate crimes. This is a very dangerous situation. We do not want a cranky hothead tweeting insults at world leaders at 3:00 in the morning. The rest of the world will not tolerate his brittle anger and we are at great risk for a global destabilization such as the world has never seen.

Like the passengers on Fight 93, there is a small group of people who can steer the danger away from the White House, the Electors. Should they, as an act of patriotism and a matter of conscience, decline to cast their votes for Trump, they will save the country from certain peril. They will be criticized. Some will, in all likelihood, be prosecuted for changing their votes. They will be raked over the coals by the right wing media and they will certainly receive death threats as nearly anyone who criticizes Trump does. They will be heroes. They will have saved the country, they will have restored our standing in the world and they will have served our descendents in a way that history will recognize as brave and selfless. The Hamilton Electors will have a singular place in American history by invoking their right and responsibility as defined by our founding fathers.

Electors, we are at your mercy. Time is running out. The crash is scheduled for December 19, 2016. Let’s roll.