In this post-Scalia, Donald Trump driven 24-minute news cycle world, I’ve been reading some real doom and gloom scenarios about the future of our current form of representative democracy. I knew that our State Department often helps other nations who want to set up a democratic form of government write their constitutions. What I didn’t know is that, they don’t recommend the system used in the US because it’s viewed as too fragile. Instead they recommend more of a parliamentary government (two branches instead of three, essentially). Turns out, governments where the president and legislature have to share power tend to end in coup d’etat.

If this is our future (and the current political environment shows now indication it isn’t), perhaps the best we can hope for is a bloodless transition to a form of government where this weakness does not exist. The worst case scenario? I don’t want to think about that.

Further reading: from Robert Reich


Also this from last year by Matthew Yglesias:

Do you think our American democracy is doomed or just the Republican party?

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