Devil’s Advocate: 5 Bold Statements About The Band Creed

  1. Scott Stapp was (and is) an amazing lyricist. From what I’ve gathered after reading tons of literature about the band, Mark Tremonti basically wrote the music, and Scott Stapp wrote the lyrics. If you ignore the fact that Stapp has a unique voice and is arguably a Jesus-wannabe, take a look at Stapp’s lyrics. They are superb. Most Creed songs have great lyrics, but there are some real standouts such as (the songs): Weathered, My Own Prison, Whos Got My Back?, Torn, and Faceless Man. Part of what makes the lyrics great, is that if you know anything about Scott Stapp’s personal life, almost all of the lyrics have significance to his life and events he was going through. Also, very few (if any) of Creed’s songs are about break ups. That’s rare in the music world.
  2. The music video for Higher is the best that the band has. Even though it is the least eventful music video, I believe it encapsulates the Creed vibe the best. Scott Stapp’s big ego and leather pants, Mark Tremonti’s subtley awesome guitar playing, and Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips holding up the rhythm section.
  3. Lullaby is a great song. Even most people who are Creed fans (or used to be Creed fans) likely don’t remember this one. It was the final track on Creed’s third album Weathered. Despite having no drum or bass part, Tremonti penned an absolutely stunning classical guitar piece with this one. Stapp gets a chance to showcase his vocal range as well.
  4. Weathered has the best bass parts, even though bassist Brian Marshall was fired before the album was recorded. Guitarist Mark Tremonti managed to write bass parts on this album that are catchy as hell.
  5. Creed’s most recent album Full Circle is not good. You could say that this album is a bit of an acquired taste, but this album totally lacks any of the wow songs that previous albums had. The closest example I can think of is the afterthought song Suddenly, which is very catchy but by no means great.
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