Hi John — thanks for sharing your thoughts on this article.
Jason Shen


I took some time to think about this. I have no doubt of your good intentions, and I am sure you are a thoughtful and supportive manager.

As a departmental lead in my last role, I had three most senior roles to appoint on my team (heads of country). As it happens, in all three cases I selected women over their male colleagues. Not because they were female, but because they were better. More recently, as a founder, I have hired more women than men into our company.

These women were not “suffering quietly” as you put it. While they’re all smart as hell, they are a complete spectrum of personality types: some outspoken, some quiet, some ambitious to manage others, some focused on specialist excellence etc etc.

Reinforcing the ‘submissive and quiet’ female stereotype makes me uncomfortable. The article speaks far more powerfully to me as ‘An Open Letter to Managers of Introverts’. When read in that light, I find it illuminating and helpful.

My original words were too hastily dashed off, and were unnecessarily confrontational, apologies. In response to your question, my goal (which was not where my comment ended up!) was to ask that we focus on behaviours rather than gender when generalizing.

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