Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Generally a good impression, but clearly one, which is a step beyond her public and private positions…..a “back room” position?

This would also have to be a “prepared” speech delivered with a “teleprompter” because it skips all the “um’s” that would be there in a conversational or interview setting.

It is somewhat refreshing to see the “imagined” response to Trump, who broke the “rules” and “unwittingly” revealed the contempt for both the system and the people it oppresses…..instead of the “restrained hypocrisy” that must be observed by “establishment” politicians…although I suppose the true stupidity of the “electorate” must have come as a shock, when you realized that all the double speak and sensitivity one must pretend to, was totally unnecessary, all along?

Ultimately, when one’s choice is limited to that of “two corrupt hypocritical idiots”, one of them has to lose…having chosen the “blatant” one, we shall not be confronted with having to ponder the hand wringing, soul searching introspection of “Why did we not see this coming?” as the consequences of that choice unfold.

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