The Midnight Matinee

The theater is open now

For the midnight matinee

Please take a seat

And keep your family at bay

Dull-eyed drones watched the macabre of violence

Projected onto the silver screen

Blood splattering

Oh how intense

With the sounds of bones cracking

Money well spent

Popcorn in your mouth

Coke through a plastic tube

Hey why not an IV

Straight into the brain

Experience the raw feel

Of what is possibly real

You sit there and laugh

Yet you never know why

Oh how exciting it is as you shout

The movie is for you . . . Right?

You see yourself every night

Imprinted on that screen

Imagining the wonderful life

Magically in your own fantasy

Everything is perfect

Nothing to reject

You have everyone’s respect

Yet you have no life without your fantasy reel

You don’t even know how to feel

You just lie there plugged into a jack

Feeding a machine

Straight from your back

Being the battery

So that our existence

May continue

For we are you