Don’t worry, I’m fine.

You shined like something that wasn’t possible in this dimension. It blinded me to everything but you in that moment. It made me wonder if I was wrong about god and that he and angels were actually real. You terrified me. You perplexed me. You fascinated me.

One shy grin from you was all it took. I was all in. There was no turning back and I had to figure out if you and I could be us. You smelled like a early morning sunrise looks and now each morning I think of you.

You seemed like the sun. Everyone around you was fighting for your light. The constant pull and gravity from everyone finally made you leave.

I’m not angry about it anymore. You are infinity and a dream for so many. I’m not the only one that called you the one. I’m not so lucky or so special.

I find solace in the fact that you won’t find happiness. You won’t find the one. You already lost that. You know who it was and you can’t have him anymore. It’s not me and I find my own joy in knowing you did to him what you did to me.

I’m happy and content that I can finally hate you.