The bards tale.

I always knew you’d do great things. I never expected you’d find your way back. You conquered the world and saw it all. I regretfully haven’t found the things that I lack.

You fought all the demons and creatures of myth. You did it with cunning and morals askew. I wonder if you remember the times of before. When it wasn’t adventure it was just me and just you.

Do you remember before you vanquished demeroth the poison King? Do you remember being kids with rosies and rings? The way the breeze frolicked and swayed through your hair. One smell of that breeze and it transports me there. Not a care. Not a care.

Caring is inevitable as the rising of the sun. The first female adventurer, look at all that you’ve done. With all you’ve accomplished, you could take the stars from above. But even before that you were the one that I love.

When people tell tales of you, I won’t be included. If I reached out to you now I would feel I intruded. You rule over us all, you’re the queen with no king. Stories of your triumph are the things that I sing. It’s as close as I can get to being with you I know. So sit on your throne and take in my show.

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