10 Sublime Text packages I can’t live without

1. Package Control

To make your life easier, I highly recommend grabbing Package Control before you download any of the other things on this list. It allows for easier installation and updates of package from GitHub, BitBucket, and any of the 2,500 on Package Control’s website.

2. Syntax Highlighting for Sass

If you haven’t decided on your favorite CSS preprocessor, Sass is great. It has had active support for over 9 years, along with a number of frameworks to chose from. This package adds just what the name implies, syntax highlighting for both Sass and SCSS syntaxes. It also totes code completion and Emmet shortcuts.

Without Syntax Highlighting on left | With Syntax Highlighting on right

3. Emmet

Originally called “Zen Coding”, Emmet allows you to write HTML and CSS extremely quick. The syntax takes a bit of time to adjust to (I often refer to this cheat sheet), but the learning curve is justified with just how much time you save. Need to create an h1, h2, and h3, all with corresponding titles and text? A simple h$[title=item$]{Header $}*3 will yield:

<h1 title=”item1">Header 1</h1>
<h2 title=”item2">Header 2</h2>
<h3 title=”item3">Header 3</h3>

4. Color Highlighter

I can’t count the number of times I searched for hex codes before I found Color Highlighter. My CSS was littered with #33b5e5, #bebebe, and other random hexes that I would waste time checking because I couldn’t remember what they were. Now, I can click on a hex and quickly check the color without ever leaving Sublime.

5. Material Theme

Let’s face it, the default themes that come with Sublime are pretty bad. Material Theme takes some design principles from Google’s Material Design and incorporates them into a beautiful theme.

6. Trailing Spaces

This package finds spaces trailing text and removes them. Sounds boring but it has proven to be more helpful than expected.

7. DocBlockr

Writing documentation is boring, there’s no way around it. DocBlockr aims to make it a better experience by simplifying the process. It detects the start of comments and auto-populates it with information such as function name and parameters from function definitions below.

8. BracketHighlighter

Cant’t find that pesky closing bracket to your for loop? No more worries, BracketHighlighter will highlight the matching bracket/brace/parenthesis. It also allows for further modification of brackets such as wrapping sections with brackets, swapping brackets, and folding/unfolding of brackets.

9. All Autocomplete

By default, Sublime will only autocomplete based on words found in the current file. All Autocomplete extends this feature by allowing Sublime to search all open files.

10. Comment-Snippets

This package adds several snippets to make fancy HTML and C style comments on the fly. TODOs never looked so nice.