Day 11: Thoughts on FlyQuest vs. Cloud9 Part 1 Learning = Good?

Sorry for blogging on and off the last few days. I have been a bit busy with school. Which sucks for me because I can’t play league as much as I would like to. However, I did have an opportunity to watch one of the biggest NA LCS matches of the year, FlyQuest vs. Cloud9. This was the Warriors vs. the Cavaliers, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, the USA vs. the USSR!

I made this during class and I definitely confused the people behind me.

I have quite a few thoughts on this match, specifically regarding what I took away as a new player and the implications of the groundbreaking chronobreak. I have decided to split this up into two posts*, so stay tuned for my thoughts regarding the chronobreak.

When I was learning how to golf*, I was told to not watch professional men’s golf because it is simply impossible to mimic what they physically do. I agree that a beginner likely cannot drive it 320 yards after watching professional golfers, but I do believe that they can learn more fundamental aspects of the game like putting.

This was the frame of mind I had when watching professional League players. Obviously I can’t play at their level, I mean I constantly press “w” when I mean to press “e” and I still get rocked by beginner bots. However, it exposed me to team roles (watching Hai as Zed in game 3 helped me understand the role of a mid-laner), full character builds, and what the hell the Baron was.

All of this education PLUS the drama of an in-game bug. More on the Chronobreak to come!

Summoner: RubenGrant

  • *This is may or may not be a way to catch up on missing a few days of posting. Its not like I can chronobreak to when I took a nap instead of writing a blog post.
  • *Catch me at Rancho Park in the right-side rough screaming expletives.