Day 12: Thoughts on FlyQuest vs. Cloud9 Part 2 Chronobreak me Back to High School


This last Sunday forever changed the landscape of Esports. In a deciding game three between top teams FlyQuest and Cloud9, FLY Altec used his ultimate move to finish off C9 Smoothie. The animation of thousands of water balloons ejecting from Miss Fortune’s gun were seen, but no damage was dealt. After calling a timeout to investigate the potential bug, referees investigated and later affirmed FLY’s suspicion.

In past Esport events during which there is a developer error, the affected team gets the option to “remake” the game, where they restart the game from the beginning. This is often extremely disrupting as it can ruin any possible momentum either team had previous to the bug. This is no longer with the creation of the Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool, a.k.a. Chronobreak. This device gathers all previous game data and allows the game to be replayed from seconds before the bug occurred. In the case of Sunday’s game, this meant FLY Altec was able to kill C9 Smoothie and continue the game as if nothing had happened. For a more thorough explanation, watch here.

However, this is far more revolutionary than just a restart button.

It means so much for the integrity of Esports. This software legitimizes the competitive balance that is so unique to video game orientated sports. Traditional sports have many exterior forces that affect play (weather, field conditions, etc). Although these are not always bad, the beauty of Esports is held in its allegiance to absolute skill. Previous to the Chronobreak, software bugs threatened this competitive advantage and jeopardized the sport’s future.

As important as the Chronobreak is for competitive Esports, this also could be a really cool opportunity for amateur players at home. What if all of the data collected from a competitive NA LCS match could be repackaged and used for amateur access. Can you imagine if you could play a simulated competitive league game next to Hai and LemonNation?

Summoner: Ruben Grant