Day 3: I am Shyvana. Shyvana is me.

Shyvana, The Half Ass Photoshop

Today began with the question: should I go workout or should I play league.

As to mislead you with what choice I ended up making, I will be using verbiage associated with working out as to describe my League of Legends games today.

When I got to the gym the only machines that we available were Garren, Jinx, Ashe, and Shyvana. I was pretty sore from playing DPS the day before, so I thought I would give a tank a try. Shyvana, the Half Dragon, was calling me. At the beginning, I did some stretching in the bottom lane and quickly learned that her “w” move, Burnout (those calories) just shreds minions (I mean muscle). This, in combination with her flex of an ultimate move (she literally turns into a dragon), quickly reinvigorated my love for rifting/lifting.

I am done with this joke now.

From a new player’s perspective, Shyvana’s short cooldowns, high health, and simple role made the game far more enjoyable and attainable. Her basic mechanics gave me an opportunity to focus on other aspects of the game beyond move sets. After just two games I was more cognizant of spacing, gold farming, and buying items.

Based off of today, I would encourage fellow new players to try a conceptually simple hero and stick with them for a little while. You will gain a better understanding of the game and actually have fun.

Summoner: RubenGrant

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