A Time to Kill iTunes
M.G. Siegler

The purpose of iTunes initially was primailry copyright protection. Many musicians could no longer earn money and had to tour to pay their bills due to the file sharing craze. Affodable music that was protected was the point. That model was then extended to all downloadable media types as well it was still a music player. The only real issue here is that last sentence where the actual playing of muisc is interferred with by the protection mechanisms, which Apple must know, does not work too well for any muisc purchased outside of iTunes. A revamp must work on incentivisiing iTunes purchases (not gonna happen) and a spearate player (not gonna happen due to the copyright thing) therefore dearest Windows, the bane of Planet Earth, your already horrid OS is aboiut to get just a little bit worse thanks to this little gift from Apple. Perhaps a public execution is preferable? If so, lemme’ know and I’ll bring the rope.