Dogsledding in Alaska

Today, our tour through Alaska with Salmon Berry Tours began with a visit to a dogsledding kennel. Not just any dogsledding kennel, four time Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey’s dogsledding kennel. He has won the annual Alaskan dogsled race four of the last five years, and the only time he didn’t win he finished second to his father. Here are some pics of our visit!

Each dog gets their own plastic hut to protect it from extreme storms. When they come out, sometimes they howl in unison!
Our team of former Iditarod champions took us around Alaska’s backcountry.
All of the dogs are super friendly!
A little too friendly… I turn my back for one minute and Meredith is being wooed away.
Not to fear, I quickly moved on to someone new of my own.
Mere and I catch some rest with our team. The dog next to me won the 2012 Iditarod Golden Harness Award for being the best dog on the winning team!
We even got to meet the puppies! This little guy will be ready to start training when he is about two years old.
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