Iceland- Big Fish, a Blue Lagoon, and a Northern Lights Encore — 4/12/16

This morning we woke up bright and early to meet our whale watching boat by the harbor. They took us out on the Faxaflói Bay to go visit some of their marine animals. We were lucky enough to see many white-beaked dolphins and two minke whales before we even left the bay. As we were sailing back towards Reykjavik we saw a real treat- a humpback whale!

The white-beaked dolphins put on quite the show for us.
The humpback whale flashing its signature split tail as it dives.

Next up was a bus ride over to Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon. We changed into our swim suits and headed out into the chilly Iceandic air. We quickly waded into the steamy lagoon, which is kept between 37–39 degrees Celsius (99–102 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Blue Lagoon
Had to show some love for my home state!

As we departed from the Blue Lagoon, Mere and I decided to try to see the Northern Lights again with the same tour company as last night. When we arrived at Þingvellir park (the Þ is pronounced “th”) at 9:45pm, we could already see faint green lights dancing over the mountains in the backdrop. As we stood in the valley that night, this is what we saw…

I think this one looks like a polar bear

As we packed up our tripods and cameras, our tour guide yelled “look up!”. Around 12:30am the entire sky above the valley came alive with green, purple, and white lights dancing around at a frenetic pace. For ten minutes we were treated to a display of lights that were truly spiritual. We shouted and watched with awe as Mother Nature displayed her raw power. I managed to snap a few quick pictures, but I realized two things as I looked through my camera lens: there was no way I could capture the entire skyline as it was simply too massive, and in moments like this I want to stay engaged and soak in every drop of the experience.

The aurora snaked across the sky, flowing and looping like a roller coaster of light.
The lights began to glow purple, deep blue, and white as they grew in intensity.

I chose to stay in the moment and let myself be consumed by the aurora. The air still buzzing with energy, we drove back to our hotel with a soft aurora glimmering at us through the window.

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