Olympics 2018: Going beyond the games.
Leah Weisberg

This is my idea of a DocuFilm that I`d like Film45 to help make a reality.

Millions are one way or other directly effected by this, coaches, fans, parents, neighbours, school mates, class mates, relatives…..

From around age 5 players start off playing football in England, they are scouted and taken to big clubs. The clubs spend time, money and best facilities on these players who they place high hopes on. Players and families sacrifice much. Parents even get told off by their bosses for arriving to work late or even missing work to take their children to training come rain, wind and snow plus traffic. Children sacrifice many things and very wrongly their studies to become professional players. I`ve been told by one player that when his teacher told him off for not studying, he innocently told the teacher to fuck off as he`s at Chelsea and that he would earn in a year what the teacher does in his life time.

Come 18 and hundreds are released every year. In steps NextGalacticoStars to give these #YoungReleasedPlayers a #SecondChance. They come to Spain where they are placed in different football clubs. They learn a new language and culture to broaden their horizons with the aim of getting back into football or at least the job market. All football fans worldwide would watch this to see that to get to the top there is much sacrifice and suffering.

After being the placement officer in Spain for #YoungReleasedPlayers for League Football Education, I foundedwww.europapointfc.com to keep doing this and now am doing it through NextGalacticoStars.

Looking forward to hearing from you and your chance of helping me in getting fans worldwide to see this part of a multi million pound industry.

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