Being digital is a mindset not a technology. ~unknown

My role as Head of Digital at University of Surrey came to an end 10 June 2014. It was immensely enjoyable for the most part. I worked with a talented team of permanent staff and some awesome contractors: @leisa, @katetowsey, @anna_debenham, @demotive, @dotton, @stewsnooze, @sophiedennis, @toni_ixd. And I worked with a leadership team that empowered me to go-ahead and make stuff happen. Towards the end of my tenure though, there were some frustrations, I’ll describe these later.

Do some web stuff…

In February 2012 I got a call from Surrey’s VP & CMO; would I be interested in doing a bit of contract work at the University? There was wide-spread dissatisfaction with the way surrey.ac.uk was being run and that stakeholders weren’t getting the attention they needed or delivery they demanded. I saw a great new challenge, I’d never worked in HE. And working “client side” would mean opportunities to “DO” rather than “smile and wave” in consultant fashion. …


John Goode

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