Is Success Partly Defined By The Amount Of Haters We Have?

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN be successful without having a bunch of haters. I know quite a few very successful people in the fitness industry who are well respected and liked and have very few haters, if any at all.

“But John, if you dont have haters you arent pushing the envelope or doing something big!” Bullshit. I believe people that have to constantly battle haters set themselves up for it because they are drawn to drama and feed off of it. THEY are usually the cause of it.

Take a minute and think about the successful people around you that are well respected with very few haters, and then think about the people around you that are successful that constantly fight and bicker with haters. Sure the more successful someone becomes and the larger the following means the more people that “hate” will come along. However, it should still be a small percentage of the people that follow who are hating. Someone that has a big time percentage of haters is usually the root of it all. They “feed” the process and keep it alive and growing.

By John Gorman. John (BS, MA, CPT) is a well-respected contest prep coach/nutritionist and the owner of Team Gorman LLC. John is also a published author, public speaker, co-owner of The Physique Summit Conference, host of the Training and Nutrition Truth podcast, and proud member of the 1st Phorm Phamily. His work centers on helping athletes achieve their maximum potential in various sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, along with high school and college level athletics. You can follow him on Snapchat @teamgorman, on Instagram @team_gorman , on Periscope @teamgorman , or .

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