I am going to be using Facebook to keep tabs on family and close friends and nothing else. It allows passive communication with loved ones without having to actually talk with them. (: Beyond that I am going anonymous and private. Goodbye.

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And Why Traditional Venture Capital is EXPENSIVE

By: John Gotts 03/14/2019

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I have been working in the startup space nearly all of my life. I started my first company shoveling snow at the age of seven. I road a skateboard to E.F. Hutton downtown in Lansing, Michigan when I was eleven and went to the local public library to read annual reports when the markets closed. I had dreams of someday having a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and ringing the opening bell. …

This will now be the third season since I planted fifty Mount Rose apples and we should see some fruit this year.

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The variety is crisp and both sweet with a tartness to it. From the outside you cannot tell much about the inside, but when you cut one open or bite into the apple you immediately see that this one is special.

I intend to sell the fruit to local stores in five to ten years, but last year we had a single tree grow twelve apples, and at the very least we will expect more fruit from that one tree. …

The photo from Voyager tells the story of how small we really are.

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This photo was taken by the Voyager spacecraft as it was leaving our solar system. NASA had the spacecraft turn its camera around and took this photo of the earth. …

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By John Wright Gotts

The age of Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley getting the lions-share of deal-flow is going to make way for angel investors globally taking the torch.

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For too long the folks on Sand Hill Road have charged investors 2% to 3% annually for ten years of fund “management” and 20% to 30% of any upside, to deliver lackluster results while playing king with that money. …

By John Gotts, Founder, Chairman and CEO of AngelTrades.co

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If you don’t get killed then you get back on the horse, immediatly.

Yesterday I was thrown from a running horse. We were out for a long walk when the horse decided to break into a run and surprised me. I flew around his left shoulder and barreled counter-clockwise under his thundering hooves. …

Except, yes, I do.

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Enough said. Guns keep people safe. I stay safe and love my guns. I take my guns to sleep at night. In states with strict gun laws people get killed on a daily basis. Here in Idaho we lose around 1–3 people per month, and I’m guessing those are people who don’t have guns. In New York, California and Illinois there were nearly 3,500 people killed by violence. In Idaho it’s around 30.

The difference is that in Idaho around 57% of citizens are armed, so if someone wants to start trouble they will get it back with both barrels. …

Today was non-stop awesome creation and development.

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We have a growing team of accredited/angel investors as well as the same house/senate members, brilliant attorneys and advisors helping grow AngelTrades. What started as CrowdedRocket more than five years ago has been reborn as the best platform to crowdfund traditional opportunities utilizing Regulation D, 506c.

I’m blessed to have the same core team that has been with me for a combined 100+ years and still going strong. This is what happens when you always tell the truth and you always do your best. The great people stick around and back your play. I am blessed.

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We are an invite-only national network of accredited investors in the United States, where our members can buy, sell and list U.S.-based opportunties.

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We have opened the door to AngelTrades, a U.S.-only platform for accredited investors to discover, buy and trade private company opportunities. For entrepreneurs it is a place to find funding. I will post a notice here when the site is live. We expect the site to be ready for business tomorrow, with a scheduled launch on Monday.

John Gotts is the world’s foremost authority on compliant digital assets. John Gotts is the founder of AngelTrades.com.

John Gotts created AngelTrades from his early start in the crowdfunding space, going back to 2014. The platform seeks family-office quality investments in real estate, energy, agriculture & farmtech, aquaculture/tech and traditionally conservative opportunities. …


John Gotts

Husband, Inventor & Entrepreneur

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