BitcoinLatina is a Cryptocurrency Project Following SEC/CFTC Published Guidance and the First Endorsed by U.S. Politicians

BitcoinLatina is a NV Benefits Corporation that Obeys the Published Rules, Regulations & Laws of the United States SEC & CFTC, and intends to file for a Regulation A+, Title, IV, Tier II Public Security Offering in 2018

In a past life not that long ago I was perhaps the most winning political consultant in history with a record of nearly 100% whether first timers taking out 32-year incumbents or seasoned Governors and Congressmen. I worked with more than one hundred politicians across twenty-two states to help them use social media and their mobile phone to stay connected daily to their constituents. This gave them an unfair advantage in elections because they were actually connected to the people who vote. By truly communicating, rather than sending junk mail with every other direct-mail bozo at election time, I taught how easy and fun it was to connect directly, forever, for free. As a result nearly 100% of our perhaps five hundred elections and re-elections became a case of our candidates putting distance by percentage points on any possible rival. They also took leadership positions in their respective caucuses and have sought and been elected to ever-higher office. One is so strong in Arizona that Jeff Flake dropped out of the race rather than being crushed by Kelli in the primary (my guess). Kelli nearly beat McCain and I will be excited to see her square off with him on Capital Hill in 2019 when she wins in November.

I believe my friends truly serve their constituents as humble servants and asked the best of them if they’d like to help BitcoinLatina reach our goals. They agreed that not only is it a humanitarian effort to care for our brothers and sisters, but additionally it makes sense to lift up your neighbor. We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God. We must help people learn and grow rather than handing out help and calling them “needy.” I believe in teaching others to fish and that you should provide them the bait and tackle so they can know what it’s like to take care of themselves with dignity & hope.

With nearly half the population of China, Latin American should become the United State’s strongest trading partner. Imagine container ships traveling along our coasts rather than traversing oceans for months. Imagine shipping by rail & freight and the jobs it will create. Imagine LatAm consumer demand for products made in the USA; it all makes sense. Cure the problem rather than punishing the product of the problem. My friends immediately all agreed and joined BitcoinLatina as advisors to me personally and to the Foundation.

They carry no political favor other than spreading the word that crypto is a good thing that enriches society and make things more efficient. Neither the Foundation nor have I ever asked them to vote on any legislation nor can we. These are my personal friends and I value the advice they’ve given me over the many years. They must disclose and recuse themselves from any votes on crypto, but through their interaction with BitcoinLatina they may serve as experts on committees and educate other representatives so those folks can make more educated votes for their own constituents.

I welcome them all and thank them for dedicating themselves to the worthy effort of building the Blockchain of Latin America, to bank the unbanked and to provide a stable currency so that people can save, lend and loan, and grow nations out of poverty by supplying the means. By building Latin America into our strongest trading partner it provides a consuming neighbor rather than people fleeing for a better life.

Here are a list of my friends and a quote from each. I do this not so much to showcase who’s listed on the website as to provide some insight into their belief in the mission of the BitcoinLatina Foundation, and as references for anyone who doesn’t know me well.

State Senator (ID) — Marv Hagedorn

Marv Hagedorn — Candidate for Lt. Governor & Idaho State Senator

“I learned long ago that John is an “idea guy” and have enjoyed providing council and advice over the many years we have worked together. This most recent Blockchain technology will not just change the lives of the people of Latin America, but will have an important impact as part of the solution to cure the American immigration issue. A currency that will stabilize the regions where citizens flee for their safety will will significantly reduce the illegal border crossings into the U.S. Drug cartels will no longer be able to launder their illegally gained cash and Latin American citizens will have the stability in their governments to investigate their own resources of time and money into their own countries. Bitcoinlatina has far reaching global impacts and I’m excited to be working with John once more on an amazing opportunity to change the world for the better.”

US Senate Candidate (AZ) — Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward — Candidate for US Senate & Former Arizona State Senator

“My husband, Michael, and I have known John Gotts for almost a decade. We’ve worked with him on several projects and love his creativity, drive, and ambition. But what really drew us to him and his endeavors is his honesty, integrity, and accessibility. We were intrigued at the prospect of being involved with BitcoinLatina. The innovative nature of this enterprise offers the possibility of improving the lives of millions of people in Latin America and around the globe. It may lead to economic growth and prosperity for many. It provides access to stable capital for millions who are currently unbanked. In short, BitcoinLatina could change the world. John Gotts and his team are working to move digital currency to the next level. It is humbling to be involved with people like John who are using their energy, intelligence, and talent to make the world a better place.”

State Senator (NM) — Bill Rehm

Bill Rehm — New Mexico State Representative

“About ten years ago I met John Gotts when we began conducting business. We maintained this business relationship and have become friends. John is very creative, business driven, with special knowledge of the internet and how the internet is rapidly changing. John has always responded timely to my business requests with many requests solved by creative or unique solutions. I have never questioned his honesty or integrity. All business transactions had no hidden costs. When I learned John was involved in the creation of BitcoinLatina I was excited to join this new digital currency venture. I am confident BitcoinLatina will increase business between the United States and Latin America.”

State Representative (OR) — Sal Esquivel

Sal Esquivel —Oregon State Representative

“Jan and I have worked with John Gotts for over a decade through several projects. We have found John to be honest, trustworthy, hard-working and dedicated. We are looking forward to BitcoinLatina being successful. This is a great opportunity for improving the economy of other nations and specifically trade between the US and Latin America. It is always a pleasure to work with John. His enthusiasm and brilliance is very motivating.”

State Representative (UT) — Lee Perry

Lee Perry— Utah State Representative

“I know John Gotts and have worked with him on various projects over the past 6 years. I’ve always appreciated John’s innovative ideas, which are are always forward-thinking and beneficial to many people. I am pleased to be an advisor to John and the BitcoinLatina Foundation. I will do what I can to help make this very worthy project a success. Having strong trading partners in Mexico, Central, Caribbean & South America makes sense. I believe in their mission of lifting people up so that together we can end poverty and suffering.”

I appreciate their support and anyone who’d like to earn coins volunteering please visit and click the Claim Your Coins button.