18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama
Allan Ishac

2 rules.

  1. Try not to be mean and demeaning.
  2. If you must be mean and demeaning, it needs to be at least funny.

Ya do recall, whites voted less for the Dem whitey this time around than the last 2 times the black dude was on ticket. And as for funny, Trump is ripe for comic material. And hardcore racists are also comedic gold mines. Rap, basketball, dancing, Al Green: this is fresh material? Can one be more clumsy or stale if you’re gonna go for the parody kill? This is not about ideology, it’s about poor writing, laziness, and no comedic imagination. I’ve voted for Trump, but busted plenty a gut when someone smokes him. This guy burnt yet more societal bonds by calling fellow citizens racist, and didn’t even get a good joke out of 18 tries.

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