What books can learn from the Web / What the Web can learn from books
Hugh McGuire

Really like the definition based on boundedness (and a nice pun to boot!)

You hit two key points: The business model for the publishers has stymied innovation, as they try to hold onto the profits created by packaging and distribution. In so doing, readers have suffered. You suggest ways to improve the reading experience. I’m with you up to this point.

What about the writers? How can writers be compensated for their efforts, without having their unique sequences of words appropriated?

Copyright law was a response to rampant copying without compensation. It’s an old problem, and the old laws are inadequate in the digital age.

Will writers have to become amateurs? Composers from Ives to Glass worked day jobs and wrote at night for the love of music. Will this be the model for writers? How do the tools you describe help writers not only create better readers but also put food on the table?

As for publishers, that’s a different conversation…

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