What Working-class and Poor White People Need to Understand About Rich White People
Jonna Ivin-Patton

Yes, it is the Divide, Conquer, and Manipulate system is what We must eliminate.

To do this, We must re-realize our inherent connection, so that we stop perceiving and acting as if we are Separate, disconnected from each other … which is why we allow ourselves to be subject to fear and manipulation.

And in order to re-connect as a unified humanity, we first must come to re-know our individual innate connection with Life, All That Is.

Individuals who Know they are connected with everything, all people, operate with a perspective of Inclusiveness guiding their thoughts and behavior, where what they want for themselves includes others.

Whereas, individuals operating through a perception of Separation, not connected to anyone, nor anything else, will think and behave in an Exclusive self-serving manner.