Here at Niantic we are incredibly excited about the transformative power of augmented reality. Why? To populate the world with cute and cuddly 3D characters? Well, yeah, we think that’s a cool idea. But something even bigger than that is at stake — whether we build technology that serves us or increasingly become servants to technology. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are at two ends of the spectrum of how we are going to relate to technology in the future. …

VR vs. AR and what it means for games like Pokémon GO

Wow. 2015 was a busy year for Niantic and one filled with some memorable challenges and triumphs for the team. Some of the highlights that stick out for me were mingling with more than 6,000 Ingress players at a massive Ingress event in historic Kyoto in the heart of cherry blossom season, winning the Game Designers Grand Prize at the Tokyo Game Show, announcing Pokémon GO with our new partners in Japan, closing our financing and spinning out of Google, and setting up our new offices and operations in four countries around the world.

Kyoto, Japan

It was absolutely amazing to watch…

John Hanke

Interested in how to make use of ubiquitous mobile computing (cheap smartphones + connectivity) in ways that move society forward.

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