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We’re blessed in the Midwest with some of the most fertile farmland in the world and with relatively safe drinking water. 100’s of millions of people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water and by 2030, because of drought and climate change, half the people in the world will be food insecure. It makes no sense whatsoever, to ruin this extremely fertile farmland and jeopardize lakes, rivers and underground aquifers by blanketing America with risky oil pipelines. It’s been demonstrated that these 100 ft wide swaths of land where these pipelines are installed, remain infertile for many years after the soil is disturbed by excavation and compaction from the heavy equipment used in placing the pipelines. And the incidence of pipeline spills grows daily from both old and new pipelines.

Enbridge, a Canadian company and the largest pipeline operator in North America and probably the world, recently announced they were purchasing 49% of Dakota Access. Using Enbridge’s own figures, they have reported more than 800 oil spills in the decade from 1999 thru 2010. These spills dumped as least 165,000 barrels of oil into the environment, half as much as the Exxon Valdez spill. Enbridge was also responsible for the 2010 Kalamazoo River spill, the largest inland spill in U.S. history, which dumped more than 1,300,000 gallons of tar sand oil. Enbridge also operates Pipeline 5, a 65 year old pipeline under the straights of Mackinac, which could contaminate at least 2 Great Lakes and at least 700 miles of shoreline in both Canada and the U.S if it ruptures.

We fought Enbridge when they wanted to take part of our organic farm for pipeline 78. I told them I didn’t want their dirty tar sand pipeline anywhere near my organic farm. The easement they wanted me to sign, granted them the ability to “abandon in place” when they’re finished with the pipeline. When I refused, they filed an eminent domain action against us. We lost in state court but our case is on appeal and will hopefully go to the Illinois Supreme Court. These illegal eminent domain actions must finally be addressed by a superior court. You can read our story at

Great swaths of Canada, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and other states are under siege from Canadian Company Enbridge’s pipeline network expansion. American’s can stop Keystone clone Dakota Access and shut down Line 3 and it’s replacement if we stand up in unprecedented numbers. We must oppose and delay these pipelines until renewable energy can prevail.

I believe that 10,15 or 20 years from now, these oil and pipeline companies will be the new coal companies, failing and headed into bankruptcy. Are the oil and pipeline companies like Enbridge going to “abandon them in place”; just leave them in the ground until they rust away and leak whatever is left in the pipes into the nations aquifers and contaminate our drinking water and wells? We know the cleanup will be foisted onto the land owners and taxpayers.

More than 100,000 protestors, Native tribes, farmers, landowners and activists from Bold Nebraska, the Sierra Club, IL Climate Activists and others, inspired President Obama to decide against approving Keystone XL.

This stand by the Native Tribe’s affiliated with the Sacred Stone Camp has struck a nerve with America’s environmental and progressive communities. Unlike fossil fuel proponents and political panderers, these Native Americans have a sacred and spiritual connection to their land and water. They and most farm families cherish the blessings Americans have been given with fertile land and pure water.

Unfortunately we can’t rely on our governments and courts to save America’s water and farmland. I’m afraid there’s not much hope the pending September 9th court ruling on DAPL will stop that pipeline, unless the utility agencies sidestepped environmental law. And the court action blocking eminent domain actions against Iowa landowners and farmers is only a temporary obstacle for DAPO. I believe the only hope of stopping this insanity lies with President Obama and an executive order. Common Sense American’s must stand up in such numbers that the President can’t ignore his duty to protect our environment. We can live without oil, but as we’ve seen in the drought regions out west, we cannot live without water.

Stand up any way you can. Support Bold Nebraska, IL Climate Activists, 350 Kiswaukee, MN350, The Sierra Club, Action, Bold Iowa, the Sacred Stone Camp gofundme campaign and anyone else who believes in environmental common sense. I believe our Native American brothers and sisters may just stop this pipeline.

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