How to explain this, well I will try to, but it’s a rocky road to what I am going to tell you about.

For fifty years I have been living a life that has meant I have worked in many different areas, primarily sales, marketing and advertising, but also heavily in creative ventures, in a broad spectrum from graphic design, to film work, book and film editing, concept design, MLM, debit card payroll business, and all things that at the time seemed irrelevant, although obviously the follow through from those learned skills has produced an end result.

But until 2007, that result was not understandable to me, then suddenly I had an idea, a BIG idea, so big in fact that I could not see enough of the concept, or how to make it work, and just did some initial groundwork, but never progressed it further.

The concept was a game, a game where…..

Now you need to understand that right NOW I simply cannot explain this game to you, but lets say it looked like a five dimensional game of chess, where each move you made affected four other areas of play… I saw it as a multi-story board game, even designed a board to play it on….. then saw how massively impossible it would be for me to put it to production, simply too many variables to consider and answer.

Now you may see why I will not attempt to set this out before you, because you will either not be able to understand it, or will want to steal the idea!

Speed forward to 2011, and I am living in Asia, trying to tap the Chinese MLM payroll market, without eventual success, but by now I have learned a whole mass more about marketing and software, and how MasterCard and Visa run things electronically, and then I see that this game is not a board game, it’s an online game, and again I start thinking about how to do that, how it will work, what I will need, and again I see it’s simply too big for me to advance when I’m trying to capture a foothold in MLM payrolls (which incidentally is also big, if you can get into the market place with enough backing to build it up) so…. once again I put it aside.

2013 sees us back in Spain, which is I guess my adopted country after 30 years of residency, but that could change, and probably will.

Anyhow, Spain is still in deep recession when we arrive back home, and ideally I require a prosperous economy to function well in, because I have always made money improving on what others are already being successful in.

I end up telemarketing, which I hate, but seem to be good at, must be that 50 years of experience!

Then last May, in 2015, I start getting great clarity of though on how the game would work, so much and so fast it’s like God is downloading specific instructions to me, which is both weird and slightly freaky, and as I am too old to get anything but wary of those sort of things, I just let the info accumulate in my head, and carry on telemarketing to pay the bills, which in itself is a hard enough task in today's world.

Gradually, as I procrastinate, my income diminishes, to a point where I start looking at myself to see what I am doing wrong, and getting that dealt with.

Now thankfully, I have a long relationship with God, He has taken me through some strange events and I have been made both rich and poor during those escapades, and actually, I have to say the poor times were often the better times in our relationship, for I tended to pay less attention to God when I being busy being successful, it’s the I that causes the problems.

That’s something that God has been working on, and I have allowed Him full authority to bring change as He wished…. it’s that point when you get to … “Nevertheless not my will but Yours

So, here is the deal, I have this game, I cannot disclose to you what it is about, at least not until we had NDA’s in place, but I need to spend 100% of my time and energy and devotion on getting it created.

The good news is that I have a friend of 20 years who has made her business in software programming and design, is herself a long time gamer, and she loves the idea and wants to develop the concept.

But we do not have the cash to do that…..

How Much!

Precisely, how much, well for what we are going to produce (think Grand Theft Auto level of play, but kind of different in concept) the budget will be high, GTA cost $266 million to produce, however it took revenue of over a billion dollars in the first three days!- Go figure.

This will not be as expensive, because it’s never more expensive to use technology that already exists, and besides, things have advanced since RockStar made GTA.

But there will be a big start up cost, and that will come initially from ‘angels’ who decide to back the game, with a view to winning big time financially once the game launched.

So… if you can half understand what I have described above, and would like to be involved, get in contact.