iOS App Development Companies with Good Rating in Dallas

Nowadays smartphone users’ number has significantly increased and their lives have got easier. Consequently, the number of iOS application development companies has increased. Also, both businesses and individuals contact top iOS app development companies to develop mobile app to increase the growth. All iOS app development companies have intense to work and try to get your app developed from the knowledgeable and skillfull app developers for app success. Here the list, which includes top 10 iOS app development companies in Dallas.


Squareballstudios is a Dallas based iOS application development company. The company holds 20+ years of vast experience in the mobility world. They are specialized in Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile app development. They provide services to different industries like healthcare, sports, travel, gaming and many more.

FuGenX Technologies

FuGenX is a top Mobile app development companies in Dallas, Texas in USA. FuGenX develops iOS apps for iPhone and iPads. FuGenX is also a rising Android app development in Dallas. It was founded in 2008. FuGenX develops mobile apps, web apps and games on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. FuGenX develops quality apps to fulfill the client needs. FuGenX’s major clients include Big Basket, Praxair, and Vodafone. FuGenX has been awarded with the Deloitte Technology Award twice and is also the world’s best game development company.


Bottlerocketstudios is an emerging iOS app development company in Dallas with 8 years of experience. They provide services on app development, quality assurance, project management and account management. They are well expertise in M-commerce, Publishing, Gamification, Travel & Hospitality, Media and Virtual Reality.


Krasamo is a Dallas based iOS development company and has many years of experience. They have well experienced UI/UX designers, software developers and testing professionals. They provide services on app development, web servers, marketing and prototyping.

Code Authority

Code Authority is a leading mobile app development company in Dallas. The company has 10+ years of experience in the mobility world. The company holds offices in Houston, San Antonio and Tulsa. They mainly focus on custom software development, website design and internet marketing services to clients. They are specialized in iOS and Android platforms.


Antiblank is a reliable iOS app development firm in Dallas with 8 years experience. They provide services on API & Admin console and UI/UX Graphics. They are specialized in iOS, iPhone and iPad platforms.


Impigermobile is the leading iOS app development company in Dallas and have 10 years of experience. They are specialized in developing mobile apps on B2B, B2C & B2E business functions. They have developed 250+ mobile applications across various platforms and industries like retail, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation.


Touchtap is a Dallas based app development agency and they have 5+ years of experience. They provide services on mobile app development, and UI/UX design. They specialize in native technologies used for iOS and Android platforms.

My Master App

My Master App is a Dallas based IT support company and they have 10+ years of experience. They are mainly focused on mobile app design, development, marketing and advertising. The company develops quality apps for fulfilling the client needs on iOS and Android platforms.


Infognana is a leading iOS app development company in Dallas and was founded in 2000. The company also has an office in Coimbatore India. They are specialized in custom software development, mobile applications and web development on iPhone, Android and Windows platforms. They provide services to Healthcare, BPO and IT services.

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FuGenX is an award winning iOS application development company in Dallas. We provide world-class services on iPad app development in Dallas, and also Android and iPhone app development.

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